Print Media

From WannaCry to Alibaba: China's Social Credit System

FACTA Magazine 135 (July 2017): 62-63.

Fallout from WannaCry boosts efforts to crackdown on pirated software via China's nascent social credit system. The article details the links between Alibaba and Beijing in shaping Chinese consumption habits.

Unpacking China's influence with Burmese Rebels

FACTA Magazine 134 (June 2017): 70-71

Details the connections between China and a range of Burmese rebel groups fighting the central government. With Chinese citizens funding rebel groups from within China the situation remains highly complicated.

King Rama X's rivalry with Thailand's military

FACTA Magazine 131 (March 2017): 70-71.

A look at how the rivalry between Thailand's new monarch and the military is dividing loyalties and threatening instability, with the ever-present Shinawatra family playing a prominent role.

American Constitutionalism and International Human Rights: A Legal Perspective

Social Contract 8 (2013): 94-110.

Discusses the role of the U.S. constitutional legal tradition in shaping American attitudes and responses to international human rights treaties. Argues that non-ratification of many said treaties is due to the primacy of the Constitution and the limitations it imposes, rather than wholesale intransigence by Washington.

Systems of the Imagination: Adam Smith and the Principles Which Lead and Direct Philosophical Inquiries

Social Contract 7 (2012): 28-42.

Outlines the philosophical theory underlying the thinking of Adam Smith, as detailed in The History of Astronomy. By drawing on various works, including Wealth of Nations, Theory of Moral Sentiments and Lectures on Jurisprudence, paper highlights the common ideas on perception and the mind which help tie Smith's seemingly contradictory works together.